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Saturday, June 26, 2010

It's Baby Picture Day!!!!

I thought today I'd show you how good I'm beginning to look! I'll probably be skinny and underweight until I get done feeding all these kids. But my fur is just shining now. Mom or Dad brush me out everyday and boy does that feel good!
Me and mom have been having a struggle as I keep trying to move my babies out of the cage. So we agreed to compromise! During the daytime I get the hallway foyer all closed off for just us and at night we go back in the cage. My little ones are trying so hard to walk and their shaky wee legs need to gain some strength. They are now about 14 days old.

                                  See how pretty I could those other people just abandon me?

And all they want to do is eat, eat, eat

The furball mosh pit

Most of all Thank you God for keeping us fat and full

So that's my babies :) Hope you like them!

Kitty Kisses,


  1. Supremely adorable! The kittens do look fat and sassy, and at 14 days are ready to explore the world, but like human toddlers must have defined limits. Poor Lucy must be getting a bit "stir crazy" and can't understand that at a certain point, she will have the run of the house. <3

  2. Looking great sofy
    They are so adorable!

  3. just cute and cuddly...