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Thursday, June 24, 2010

I wasn't loved so I left

My name is Lucy and I'm a Bengal cat. I'm starting this blog to show you how you how important people are to a cat's health and well-being and how much it really means that you care.

My original owners bought me as an investment, had me front declawed but not spayed as they planned to use me as a breeding machine. For reasons I can't tell you I wanted to leave that house. I escaped a couple of times and made my final break back in late winter. I was hungry, thirsty and lonely. I ate garbage and food put out for squirrels and birds. I tried to catch birds to eat but was unable to because of no claws.

Then, I met my new mom and dad. They tried to catch me for weeks but I was just too scared to be caught. My previous owners showed little interest in getting me back saying they were too busy. But my new parents watched for me and I knew it. They have 2 big dogs, Sofy and Joey, and even though they didn't know me I still felt safe enough to keep going into their backyard. I'll tell you more about my new brothers and sisters later on.

On June 12th, 2010 I had my first litter of kittens. I went to the only place I felt safe. On June 13th, my new dad found me in their basement window well with my 5 new babies. I got to tell you I was terrified. I didn't know for sure how I would be treated. This is the day I was found.

I was sure that this was going to be just like my other house where I wasn't important enough to be cared about. But new mom and dad checked on me every hour. They brought me fresh food and water many times through the day and nite. Somebody really cared about me and my babies. It took me just a little while to feel more confident and I even let mom feed me.

So every day I learned to love my new parents although I was still a little bit shy. Little did I know that they were making plans to move me inside! Inside THEIR house! And they even gave up their bedroom for me and my babies. They bought me a huge cage,lined it with a soft mattress pad and a brand new bed. But I couldn't move in yet..they said I had to have blood tests first to make sure I was safe to be around my new indoor kitty siblings.

I have sooo much more to tell you but I'm getting tired. These 5 little ones exhaust me. I have been malnourished and am really small and skinny. Somehow I got a big scab on my nose but mom put medicine on it and it's almost all better. I'm eating 6 meals a day now! WooHoo! So I'm going to end this first entry of my blog. I hope you'll come back to see me and my babies and learn of all our adventures. We would like more friends. Thanks for caring enough to read and for making me feel more important in life.
Kitty Kisses,


  1. A wonderful blog! The story of Lucy's plight, her rescue and redemption really touched my heart, and I look forward to the next exciting installment. You go Lucy! (Oh, and thank you to mom and dad for their kindness and for deciding to share their home with Lucy and her babies).

    Peter (aka Krazykats)

  2. After Reading This and Adding the Music...I,m Just Left a Little Loss for Words...Russ.

  3. P.S. Thank you to My Wife for Which Without Her Care and Devotion, These Things Would Not be Possible. And for That We Are All Grateful. Russ Again.

  4. There are not enough people in this world as caring and loving as Mary and Russ.

    They opened their hearts and home to Lucy and her 5 kittens.

    This Feline Family are on their way to a Wonderful Life.


  5. Wonderful read....Bless you all...

  6. What a great beginning to Lucy's story! She's blessed to have found such a loving home. I can't wait to hear more!

  7. It's been amazing watching this story develop, but I always knew it would have a happy ending...or shall I say beginning :) Mary & Russ are truly a gift, not only to the animals who enter their lives, but to all of us.

    Now let's see those babies!

  8. I'm very touched. So nice to have a story from the fur baby's point of view. I already KNOW how wonderful Mary and Russ are. Been following the saga on Bonanzle.
    Bless you guys!
    Deb/whynotnow @ Bonanzle

  9. This is so good and you are so good to do this for a poor little kitty. Thank you, June

  10. just a wonderful and touching story...was easy to read and am so proud of you for taking such care of this cat and her family...theres a place in Heaven with your name on it...God Bless you..

  11. I just love it. What a touching story. So many animals have stories to tell, like Lucy.
    I may take up this idea of telling the love story behind the animals we have rescued.

  12. We can relate Lucy, as the same thing is happening here at my house! Mommy choose me at the shelter after I had been chosen and returned several times. I finally found my forever home and went from furrbaby to Purrbaby! Best of luck and many years of happiness Lucy!

    Missy (momspennies kitty)

    Thank God for Humans who love animals!

  13. I love this blog. When you can Miss Lucy, give us an update on you and your babies. All my animals through the years have been rescues and it is so worth it. I know you love your new mommy and daddy to pieces for making you their very own kitty girl. Hugs and kisses.

  14. This is wonderful...thank you so much for sharing and for your huge heart!!!!!

  15. What a wonderful diary...Mom and babies are most fortunate! I pray all of us that love the abandoned and mistreated 4-legged friends will always have God's blessings and support from others. The Bible talks a lot about Boaz and Ruth, and I know somewhere out there are canine/feline Boazes waiting to help in a time of need. Thank you for sharing your blog in a time where I too am overwhelmed by the care of a furbaby!

  16. So good to find you again! Plz we needz an update! purrz and hugz frum da katie katz and the purple kattery.

  17. I wish there were more people in this world who care like you. KUDOS