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Friday, June 25, 2010

Oh My! All the Help!

We had a busy first week at our new house. Mom and Dad bought a large parrot cage that measures 2 1/2 feet wide x 4 feet long x 4 feet tall. They put a soft, new mattress cover on the floor of the cage, a new bed and all kinds of goodies for us.

We were fortunate to meet with John McTaggart, of Lily's Love Foundation who has provided the extra food my folks needed to care for me (there are already 3 indoor cats, an older dog and a very large breed puppy living here). His foundation is a true act of love, helping those who may be in jeopardy of giving up their pets because they can't afford to feed them due to financial difficulties. In our case the extra meals I really needed were straining the family budget very tightly. If you ever care to make a donation to a superior worthwhile organization, please consider Lily's Love. John is truly one of a kind! He even makes the delivery! Now how cool is that! At Lily's Love they have Gabe’s Gang Pet Soup Kitchen which offers free and low-cost pet food to families in financial crisis. They have the Gracie Grant Program that offers families in temporary financial crisis grants to help cover the costs of life-saving veterinary treatments and procedures. These grants are offered as an alternative to euthanasia when pets face a treatable, yet life-threatening condition. Unfortunately this program is not accepting new applications at this time because they have already exceeded their budget which is funded by private donations. And then, wait! there's more! Toby’s Toy Box is aimed at providing families in temporary economic hardship pet supplies and services at reduced prices or, in some cases, at no cost at all. I really love John for giving me 30 cans of Fancy Feast.

Mom set up the Chip In page to help pay for me and the babies to go to the vet for our exam and blood work, to buy us food and basic supplies, to have us all dewormed, and the spay/neutering of the 6 of us (not feeling real good about that but we'll see). I guess I do eat a lot :) 4 cans of Fancy Feast Kitten food made with milk a day, I get milk replacement several times a day, a scrambled egg with cheese and yogurt twice a day plus hard kitten kibble. After living on garbage my tummy's never felt this good or this full!

On June 18th, me and the kittens made the trip to the vet for blood work and a physical exam. It was the first time mom held me in her arms and I loved it! I purred and snuggled this I like. Got thru the blood work fairly easy and they said I was negative for feline leukemia, aids and heart worm. All I know is that I was getting put in my new nursery which was great cause my 5 wee ones opened their eyes on the 17th and they are a squiggly mess. Here I am in my new bed! Oh yea, there's one of my kids :) I forgot the most important part! I have 3 little boys and 2 little girls :)

Want to see a close up of my kids? Sure you do!

OK one more picture then I have to go

Today we feel like we are truly blessed by all our friends whether new or old. The outpouring of love for us has been unbelievable. May God bless you ten times make that 100 times over. You have made one very lonely and scared young momma feel safe and loved. I'll no longer be scrounging for food, hiding from predators or trying to keep the bugs off my kittens. Super big hugs to you all. Until tomorrow...

                                   Kitty Kisses,

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