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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It's been busy around here!

So sorry I haven't been here to catch up. One of my newest brothers, Joey, had to go get fixed. We still don't know how he broke himself but it wasn't very nice. Joey is a 98 pound Great Pyrenees/St Bernard puppy that is 7 months old. He's been hurting really bad and has just cried for a day and a half. Mom said he got stitches inside and outside and that he has razor burn very badly. Wish I understood all this stuff! This is Joey who still isn't feeling so good

And then Sofy got hurt a couple of days ago! Joey pushed her off the deck and she landed smack on her nose on the pavement. She got her nose all scraped up and bloody. Her lip is still swollen! Oh yea, Sofy is our newest sister! She is a 7 year old Black Lab/Chow Chow. Ewwww and she has a black tongue too! She hates to have her picture taken. She was a rescue pup from Detroit where she was badly abused for her first 4 months of life. This is her.

So me and the kids have been trying to be really, really good!. Mom and dad took us out of the cage! Yippee! Right now we are in the hallway foyer between all the bedrooms and bathroom. This is really cool because the little ones are all out prowling in the hallway trying their best to learn to walk. 2 of them follow mom all over the place lol as best they can. I was helping her brush her teeth today. For right now she has the office door open so we can get some natural sunlight. Here's some new pictures of us. Some the lighting looks goofy and the babies just wouldn't hold still!


and someone always has their mouth open!

so that's it for today! Mom says we all have to take naps now.

Kitty Kisses,

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