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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

When it rains it pours.....9 sick kitties

Wouldn't you know it. Just get Lucy well healed up and start re-integrating all the kitties and adult cats together. Then the dreaded sneezing begins. Within 3 days all the babies, Lucy and my other 3 adult cats all have an upper respiratory infection. When it rains it really pours! Just got caught up on vet bills and now this. Just can't treat one and none of the others so it's all or none. Short of re-mortgaging the house (I'm kidding somewhat) this is becoming a financial nightmare. They will all have to be taken to the vet. My oldest Sammy is 20 years old and if she gets too dehydrated it's all about doing the subcutaneous IV fluids as well as whatever other meds are needed. $35.00 per cat for an office visit plus meds.

Some days I question my own sanity, we just wanted to help this momma and her babies. To give them a home they never had..warmth, food, toys and lots of love. Were we wrong to take on this major project? We really didn't mind giving up the last 11 weeks to devote time to them. To putting ourselves even more in debt despite the kind and generous gifts offered by many of you. We have achieved all the goals set out for this young furbutt family and now this........sorry I just needed to vent. Now back to my nursing duties...warm food, warm milk supplement, cleaning runny eyes, wiping clean snotty little noses and giving them little steam bathes so they can breathe easier. Keep a good thought for all of us would you? It would be so appreciated
  Kitty Kisses,
          The family of Lucy and her 5 babies, Jessy, Billy and Sammy

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