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Monday, September 13, 2010

It didn't rain, it poured !

By the end of last week all 9 cats and kittens had signs of upper respiratory infections and possibly pneumonia. So last Friday we journeyed back and forth to the vet with the 9 of them. All did have an URI and were in various stages of developing pneumonia. Apparently it is a common bug that kitties can pick up at any veterinarian hospital. $583.00 later, we were home with 9 bottles of antibiotics, each got a shot of antibiotic, each got a vitamin B shot and we came come with 2 IV's in the event someone got too dehydrated. We're hoping the mortgage company really loves cats and understands why we didn't pay this month!

Sammy the 20 yr old wasn't looking so good for a few days. This is now Monday and all have showed signs of major improvement. Between little steam bathes, cleaning snotty noses and yucky eyes, passing out meds, special diets and just holding them..we need a vacation lol. Yesterday, all of them just slept day and night. By this morning it was like someone flipped the switch back on. Woke up to a cat fight on my head, someone lunged at Sammy and scared the P actually out of her and on to me..and so life has returned. And it better last!!

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