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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mug Shots of The Bengal Five

Lucy is doing so so much better! After a few terrifying days, she's back to normal although her activities remain restricted. Her incisions are healing well, even though she's been caught pulling at the sutures. Until Lucy is out and about, I'll handle her blog duties but I'm sure not as good as her. Thought maybe you'd like to see the mug shots of The Bengal Five up close and personal.

Bailey (male)

The king pin. Thinks he owns the house and the other kids. He's quickly becoming Russ' shop assistant and in the middle of anything and everything. A little over 4 pounds at 10 weeks he demands food! Only kitten that does not look like Lucy. He has a black nose! and strange looking eyes.

Yoda Ears (male)

The sneaky one with the speed of a wildcat! He has overly large ears that I personally thinks he uses to detect capture. He's the only one with slanted eyes. This poor boy has fallen in love with Joey. He races to find Joey and latches himself on to the dog's leg or tail and won't let go. Joey puts his paw on him and the little devil weasels out and re-attacks

Little Face (female)

This was the runt of the litter and still the tiniest at under 3 pounds. Don't let her cute, petite face fool you! She runs with boys and plays just as rough as them except when she wants attention. Then she's all love and rumbling

Baby Face (female)

This one will steal your heart and your food. She was the baby that had the hard time after surgery. She has the loudest purr for such a tiny baby, also under 3 pounds. Second in line for the biggest mouth in the bunch. She knows how to demand attention and is priming herself to be the little princess around here.

Gabby (male)

Another demanding ruler of the roost and the dinner plate. Gabby is my assistant, who is quite the kisser and huggy one. He's the same size as Bailey, and the 2 of them pound the daylights out of each other. Loves to be cuddled and has the biggest mouth of all. As a matter of fact he never shuts up. Even makes growling noises when he eats.

Until next time...Kitty Kisses from Lucy and her babies

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  1. Mary, this is John from Lily's Love Foundation. Been following the kitties on the blog and am glad to hear Lucy is on the mend. Who was the vet that did the spay? Just wondering Thanks