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Friday, September 17, 2010

Bonanzle, Blogs and NOT Censored!!! All is well

We are back and unsuspended on Bonanzle. Someone jumped the gun and reported this blog as soliciting charity only. Now if we had been directly asking for funds on the forums that would be a violation. However that was not the case.

Here's the final word on blogs from Bill Harding himself :  "There is no rule against posting links to blog, even if they have donation buttons. What we specifically don't allow is for users to solicit donations on Bonanzle, regardless of where they are soliciting them from. Saying "I have this great blog where you can learn more about my kitty" is fine. Saying "I have this great blog where you can donate money for X cause" is not.
The reason we have this policy is that, prior to it, we were inundated with spammers and scammers that would try to use our forums for various nefarious causes. Obviously we like Mary a lot more than those people, but we need to apply our rules consistently for them to be fair & meaningful."

Of great importance to many of us is the issue of shipping calculators that work properly. Bill suggested that we look for a third party provider that he could possibly use. Several of us found Auctioninc. When asked yesterday Bill stated : "AuctionInc looks like it will be possible. The tech lead there has been in communication with me, just a matter of finishing up my tasks in progress before I can delve into it more deeply. Stay tuned." We're counting on you guys to make this happen sooner than later :)

And back to Lucy and her band of maniacs. Either the weather change to cool or someone spiked their's turned these somewhat mellow kittens into wild cats. LOL They go beyond the normal kitten play. They are body slamming each other, running and jumping off of everything, shredding every little piece of paper they can find, jumping into garbage cans, dragging around shoes, socks or even tools from the basement. About the only thing they haven't done is grab the ceiling fan and swing. I suspect that will happen any time soon.

Who would have thought such sick little kitties would rebound so fast! And growing like weeds!
This is Lucy and one of her boys, he looks so much like her, all the spots and almost her size. Funny to see Lucy with a bit of a tummy considering how emaciated she was!

and the rest of the babies

We'll end here for today. Thanks again to all our friends for the unreal support shown in the past few days. You are the best!

Kitty Kisses,
Lucy and the Babies


  1. I am so sorry this happened to you Mary. I am glad you are reinstated, but I am sure this has left a scar on your heart.
    You and Russ are very unselfish and caring to take Lucy & her babes in and care for them.
    They are beautiful, and you take great photos. Thank You for posting them for all to enjoy.
    I have enjoyed very much watching the "Gang" grow from tiny kittens. You are funny how you describe their antics, it puts a smile on my face.
    Many blessing to you and Russ.

    Paula, littleroses

  2. Thanks Paula. Your smile makes ours even bigger
    M & R

  3. Thank you for posting the flip side of the censorship issue and the official response from Bonanzle Bill :)

    I s'pose this will be a lesson for all on policy and for Bonanzle in investigating claims before taking action.

    Hope those critters are all doing well!
    Thank God for selfless people like you & Russ who would care for these animals so very well!

    Patti (Yeshuazgirl)

  4. Well, we all knew Bill had a glad he's not sitting on it anymore (oh, will I get in trouble for that?)...about that ceiling fan...

  5. Mary ~ I so totally LOVE it that You and Russ are such Wondrous Caretakers, and That You Love and Care for Your Fuzzlebutts (Lucy and babes) (oh yeah, and Joey!) in the Warm and Generous, Kind and Sweet Ways you do! I Thank the Almighty God above for peeps like You and Russ who Do This!
    Our son grew up in a household whereby I surely took in a LOT of strays, plus we had animals of our own...those were the Best of Days...and now his field he has Chosen in CA (we're in OH) has to do with Animal Rescue, Protection, etc.
    Bless You Both! Take Care of Those Sweethearts!
    Thank You for Your Service!
    Just me...Dee aka divinefabricsnmore on Bonanza