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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas from the Fuzzlebutts!

Merry Christmas to all our friends! It has been a shamefully long time since I updated our blog. Lucy has become an adorable plumped up lady now who has no desire to step foot outside. Her babies are now 6 months old. How fast time flies by. We wanted to make sure to tell you THANK YOU for giving us our first Christmas together as a family! Santa brought lots of homegrown catnip!

For real? Santa Paws is coming? Shut up! No way!

Move your spotted butt over!

Tubby Bailey

Don't hog it all..share


Better if I hold it in my paws...Lucy

Nom Nom Nom...Lucy

Bailey and Gabby


Bailey kicking Gabby

Itty bitty third the size of all the others...but is the biggest troublemaker

Zoey and Bailey

Lucy has gained weight lol

And obviously happy :)

Poor Joey wasn't sure if Santa would find him for his 1st Christmas

YEAH! Santa did find me and brought lots of frozen noms for me and Sofy

We will end with a beautiful poem we found . Merry Christmas our friends!
the fuzzlebutts

On the night before Christmas all the homeless animals prayed

“Give us a voice Lord on this Christmas day”

Let us speak to the world

That turns a blind eye

To our misfortune, our pain, and our sad lives

We live in the streets, in the woods, and out in the cold

With no shelter, no food, and no one to hold us tight

Alone in this world as we grow old

We give up sometimes; many of us have lost the fight

Our dreams fill our minds with visions so bright

Of food, soft beds, and a safe place for the night

Of a family to love us and keep us safe

Someone please pick up this small waif

Our fur may be matted, our eyes filled with fear

Thin and ragged to the world we appear

Many people only want us to disappear

We have no home to go to

No family to care

No one to love us

No one no where

No soft voice do we hear

No loving pats

No one to calm our fear

As days turn weeks, to months, and to years

We ask only that people open their heart

To give us a chance, a fresh new start

We promise to love them

And guard them through the night

If only they will give us a chance at a new life

The Lord gave them a patron, a saint, and a cause

Rescue groups worldwide heard their sad calls

They came to their aid and found homes for them all

The animals’ prayers were answered that day

A voice they were given

Their fears swept away

They were given new homes

And families’ to love

Lots of toys, soft blankets, and hugs

The animals have only one final wish

To share with one and all

Please remember that love is the greatest gift of them all

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