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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pet Food Drive for the Needy was an OVERWHELMING Success...THANK YOU!!!

 Sometimes you just don't know what to say. And this is one of those times. In our last blog, we asked for donations to help feed the needy pets just in our community. Hope Center in Macomb offers a FANTASTIC free food pantry, but the one thing they lacked was pet food. So many people surrender their animals because they cannot afford pet food or they will deny themselves in order to feed their fuzzlebutts.

On March 12, 2011 we set up a chip in on Facebook in the amount of $600.00 to go purchase cat and dog food for Hope. In less than 24 hours our target goal was met and exceeded! We collected 662.00! Paypal removed $23.42 in their fees so we had $638.58 to spend as responsibly as we could.

We decided to look for the smaller 3-5 pound bags so that it would reach more people. In order to make the dollars stretch we had to purchase the cheaper brands, but at least we know a lot of furbabies will have full tummies as will their owners. After going to several different grocery stores, wholesale pet stores and just the dollar stores we scored what we think was a pretty darn good haul!  

On March 15th, in total, we purchased 175 bags of dry pet food or a total of 661 pounds of food. We purchased 94 bags of cat food weighing 315 pounds and 81 bags of dog food that weighed 346 pounds. Total amount spent in all was $677.08

On March 16th, we delivered it to Hope. They were ecstatic and extremely grateful. And oh so surprised with what a bunch of loving FaceBook animal lovers could do in such a short time. They will be featuring this in their newsletter as well.

OOPS, cut off our own heads lol. That big white box is the huge ones you see holding watermelons or pumpkins, just to give you an idea of the amount of food

To say Thank You just doesn't seem enough. We see so many of you day in and night out working to save so many animals with the biggest hearts of gold that we have ever met. To call you our best friends is an honor. We sure love you and we know that all the lives that you have and will touch, will love you just as much.

Kitty Kisses and Puppy Hugs,

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  1. Hi, Mary. It's Adrien from FB. WOW... just... WOW! It's amazing how warm and generous people can be when animals are involved. It gives me renewed hope.