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Sunday, August 1, 2010

I am in love and with the wrong person?

This has been a rough week! I have been out mixing with all my new brothers and sisters and WHAM, something went askew. Mom says I'm in heat. I was all cranky then suddenly became all lovey with everything in site. I loved all the furniture, I rolled all over the place, even down the basement stairs. Do cats get PMS? I kinda think so. I tried loving the boy cats, but Jessy and Billy just look at me all dumb and bewildered and sit like lumps. I have been screaming my little lungs out for over 24 hours non-stop. My little bum just stays stuck up in the air and no one is interested except for one. My new bestest friend.

I have found my new soul mate, Joey. I have been trying to seduce him too but it just isn't working! Darn it! Joey just follows me around nuzzling and licking my head. However, no one informed me he has this drooling problem, so he is quite messy. And he has this annoying problem with wanting to shake paws with me all the time...his paws are as big as my head.

So mom and dad are trying like crazy to raise some money to get me "fixed". Guess if Joey could do it so can I. And the babies all have to be done at the same time if we want the discount deal. Mom says I absolutely cannot even think about looking outside, although I go back to the window well where I came in from and yell for help! I'm telling you, us cats get PMS too...I'm acting so wild and crazy. I'm grabbing my babies and just dragging them around for no reason. Then I have to meow as loud as I says I can out scream any Marshall mini stack..what ever that means. Wonder if they make Midol for cats?????

So here I am with my new Bonanzle ranch hat on..think I would do this if i was in my right mind?

And oh my, here's my new bestest guy pal that I'm in love with. OK I know you think he looks a bit goofy with his cowboy hat but oh he can turn my head with his good looks and charm. He's a younger man too! He's only 8 months old..does that make me a cougar now?

And the babies..what can I say

Mom says edumacation is very impotant, I'm halfway thru this seesaurus

Got my ranch hat and ready to do my chores. Got the mouse! Who would ever name a mouse Dell? That is just so lame.

You sure you don't need more help? Honest..I really want to help. I can unplug the keyboard again for you..would that help? Did you know how pages you can open at one time plus install wizards at the same time. What's a wizard by the way?

Mom says that you have to to take a bath every single day....personally I think it's overkill. Besides my tongue gets tired.

Can we puhleeezzz go shopping now? Look at all this cool stuff on Bonanzle  I'm sitting on all the right buttons so lets go find cat tree, and some more foods, some treats and some toys and, and, and ....

How could someone not wuz me? or my mom? I don't understand......

Dad says I've been on the computer long enough. Says he has to try and make some money to take care of all 11 of us! So gotta go for now, I have this incredible urge to keep screaming and meowing as loud as I can.

Kitty Kisses,
Lucy and the Babies

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