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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Lucy and the Chunkettes

Can't believe it's been 8 days since I last wrote to you all! Some days the hours just whiz by us. In 2 days the babies will be 4 weeks old already! In past few days, they have all learned to run kinda wobbily and are eating other foods too. We get Fancy Feast three times a day, then twice a day a mixture of replacement milk, KMR 2nd step cereal and Fancy Feast. Our human mom, ground up Blue Buffalo Wilderness hard kibble and some Purina Kitten chow for us to nibble on as well. Boy are we stuffed, then we go nurse with momma for a while to top it all off.

In the past couple of days, 3 of of just started using the kitty box to go on our own. They laugh at us saying we make funny faces! AND...we got a fancy new litter system to learn in called Breeze by Tidy Cat. Our human mom loves it. Plus we untie shoes, climb up legs, and just make ourselves at home. Think momma was worried about us tonite..2 of us made a prison break to go see the world! Except we ran into a wall of big Joey who starting barking, who got the other cats hissing..what a circus lol. We've been hanging out in the office helping an awful lot. We sit in the china, try to climb but fall down, and tumble all over the place. We brought you new pictures to see!

Mom gets to look out the window all day if she wants. Said she wasn't the one who broke all the blinds either! Us kids took over the bathroom lately! Gots to go! One of the babies is trying to pull Joey's tail under the door! LOL

Kitty Kisses,
Lucy and the Babies

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